Ala Moana Beach Park Swim (1500M/750M)

Both the Olympic (1500m) and Short course (750M) swim will have a beach start fronting the keyhole area of the park, there will be 3 swim waves.  Participants will swim straight out to a buoy, then turn left swimming parallel to the beach east bound, take a left then swim back west parallel to shore west bound.  The swimmers will exit the water fronting the keyhole where they began. Olympic distance will turn around at the at the last buoy, while the short course will turn at another marked buoy that will be closer.  Exit water to T1.

Wave start times:

-Olympic Men at 6:35am​

-Olympic Women/Relay at 6:40am

-Short Course All at 0700am

-T1 to be in the Magic Island grass area makai of parking lot


-All swimmers must wear the official race swim cap of the appropriate color provided.

-You must start the swim in your assigned wave

-No wetsuits, paddles, fins or flotation devices may be worn or used.

-If you need help during the swim, raise your arm and yell to a lifeguard or volunteer for assistance