**It should be noted that there will be a bike cut-off that will be enforced prior to getting onto H1 at Valkenburgh Street.  All participants must be at that check point by 830am or you will not be allowed to finish the race.​  For your safety those who are doing the bike ride, please stay on the right side of the right lane on H3 so that those riders competing in the Triathlon can get past you safely.

H3T is happy to again have the option of riding the bike course only.  This bicycle ride will follow the same route as the bike leg of the triathlon.  There will be a bike race and a bike ride for those who want to enjoy the scenery.  The start will be from Magic Island at Ala Moana Beach Park and ending at Aikahi Elementary School. 

Reminder:  ALL bikes that are participating in the bike ride/race MUST be equipped with lights.  The ride/race starts at 6am and it will probably be still a little dark.​

As a friendly reminder and for the safety of all, those who are doing the bike ride and will be enjoying their ride at a less than aggressive pace, there will be triathletes that will be catching up to you and passing you on H3, please stay to the FAR RIGHT to allow these people to pass safely.

Rider Disclaimer:
Riders are reminded that the bicycle portion of the H3T takes place on both open and closed roads, including city and state highways, and the H1/H3 Interstates. A level of physical ability is expected to participate in this event. There are specific time cut offs that riders must meet to continue along the course. Riders must enter the H1 at Valkenburg by 8:30am and be completely off the H3 by 10:45am. It is recommended that riders be able to maintain at least an 8mph average speed while on the course. (For those unsure of their average speed, riding 1 mile at 8mph would take 7.5minutes, please ensure you can maintain this speed for 27 miles). In addition to the average speed, a general cycling ability and comfort riding on the road is also expected. Riders not comfortable riding with traffic or on long descents requested to not participate or take free educational workshops organized by the Hawaii Bicycling League.

Bicycle Disclaimer:
We are currently limited the bicycles allowed for this event to geared road specific bicycles, no mountain bikes, beach cruisers, single speeds, E-BIKES, etc. Recumbent bicycles are permitted if the rider can maintain the average speed and the rider is comfortable riding in a group. There will be a pre-ride checkout at Ala Moana park to ensure bicycles have working brakes and are in proper condition for the event. Please ensure your bike is in working condition and consider having a tune up before the event. We reserve the right to refuse access to the course to non-permitted or unsafe bicycles. If you have any questions regarding a bicycle being permitted, please contact the race director. Also, please be prepared to perform your own mechanical aid as this is not a supported ride. If you are not comfortable changing a flat tire or performing basic bicycle repair, please consider taking a free Basic Bike Maintenance class offered by HBL -

Bike Ride / Triathlon
The bike only option will begin at 6am, while the triathlon begins (with swimming first) at 6:30am. Those who are just doing the bike ride and not competing in the Bike Race or Triathlon we kindly ask that cyclist ride to the right of the lane, only moving left to over take. This will allow the triathletes room to pass on the left if overtaking bicycle ride only participants. At the finish area at Aikahi Elementary School there will be a bicycle-only participant area separate from the triathlon transition area. Please keep the transition area clear for the triathlon participants. 

Return Route
This is a one direction course. 27 miles from Ala Moana to Aikahi Elementary School. There are shuttle options for those wishing to return to Ala Moana. The Hawaii Bicycling League is also organizing a casual ride back to Ala Moana around Makapu'u Lookout. This adds an additional 32 miles to the day, totaling 59 miles of riding. HBL will be leading rides that depart at 10am and 11am. These are unsupported rides and will have a ride leader who is familiar with the course.

An Epic 27 mile bike ride over H3 Freeway to Kaneohe

Turn by Turn Directions:  

-  Exit T1 at the Diamond Head entrance to the Magic Island parking lot.

-  Exit Ala Moana Beach park at the Diamond Head exit at Atkinson Drive

-  Left hand turn onto Ala Moana Blvd riding onto the west bound lanes (mauka)

-  Continue west bound on Ala Moana onto Nimitz 

-  Stay on Nimitz merging right under the airport viaduct 

-  Continue on Nimitz under the viaduct entering H1 freeway at Valkenburgh Street.

-  Enter H1 freeway riding on the far right lane and shoulder

​-  Take Exit 13b H3/Kaneohe East Bound (we have both lanes on H3, no cars !!)

​-  Continue Kaneohe bound on H3 until Exit 15 at Kaneohe Bay Drive

-  Take a left onto Kaneohe Bay Drive

-  Left onto Ilihau Street into parking lot of Aikahi Elementary School into T2

There will be an aid station with water bottles on the top of H3 prior to entering the tunnel.

- Participants MUST WEAR A HELMET which must be buckled before leaving the transition area

- Participants MUST wear the race number on their back, helmet sticker and bike sticker while on the bike course or you may be stopped by a course marshal or race official.

- It is recommended to wear a bike jersey, gloves, bike shorts, and eye protection (clear lens preferably, if it is a cloudy day)

- Riding your bike in the transition area is prohibited
- When passing other bikers please pass on the left and yell “on your left”. Please pass safely.
 - If you need to stop on the bike course or need to walk your bike in some areas, please stay on the far right side of the road
- All competitors are required to follow the prescribed course and to stay within all directed areas. Cutting the course is an obvious violation and going outside the course is a safety issue
- Carry a spare tube, pump or CO2 cartridges, tire levers and “drink” (i.e. water, sports drink, etc...) there will be one roving bike mechanic for support and two stationary bike mechanic stations halfway up H3 and halfway down H3.